I strive to build learning experiences for an equitable and just technological future.


Hi! I’m Matt. I’m a freelancer and consultant, working at the intersection of learning, technology and social justice.

With the rapid progression of technology, we’re seeing a lot of uncertainty. How do we prepare the next generation for the technological world? What does the future of work look like with increasing automation? How do we prevent our technology from having the same biases we see in ourselves?

These are the questions I want to explore. I have spent my career looking at these questions from various perspectives – Anti-Bias Facilitation, Learning Experience Design, Data Science and Software Engineering – and now I synthesize these perspectives into learning experiences that empower others to build for a better future.


What I offer

As a consultant and freelancer, I work with organizations in multiple capacities. Most of what I do revolves around facilitation, in a couple of different forms:

  • Facilitating anti-bias trainings for technologists

  • Designing workshops for people of all ages to learn how to code creatively

  • Consulting to tech organizations on how to build inclusion into product pipelines

How I work

No matter how we work together, I can promise that I will:

  • Design and build with you, rather than for you

  • Work to build inclusivity into our work together

  • Think critically about the role technology plays in our work together


Take a look at some of my past and present projects to learn more about what I do!

Learning Experience Design

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Inclusion and Artificial Intelligence

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